Visual Studio Android Emulator without running Visual Studio

I started to develop apps for android, but my only problem is with the emulator. The one provided by Android SDK is good, but the technology that it uses (Intel HAXM) is mutually exclusive with Hyper-V. I can't disable my Hyper-V because Windows Phone Emulator needs it.

Visual Studio 2015 provides Android Emulator that is built on top of Hyper-V. From my experience so far, the emulator runs very good.
Then, I want to try to use the same emulator for my Android Dev work using Android Studio or WebStorm. But I don't want to open VS and create dummy project just to start my emulator.

Apparently, it's very easy to do. After I run Android Emulator from VS once, I notice that it creates a Hyper-V named "VS Emulator Android - Phone". And when I look at my Program Files folder, there is actually an installed program called "Microsoft Visual Studio Emulator for Android". I suspect that this is the place where it runs the emulator from.

To run the emulator, I figured that all I need to do is to run this command from terminal window:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio Emulator for Android\1.0\xde.exe" /name "VS Emulator Android - Phone" /video "720x1280" /diagonalSize 5

If you type "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio Emulator for Android\1.0\xde.exe" /?, there are other options that you can set, like memory size.

VS 2015 is still in preview, so there might be issues during setup and use. But my experience so far is great, especially this emulator.

Abdurrachman Habibi

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