Ell's Rias Muslimah

This is my wife bridal business. I help her to do all the IT-related things behind the scene.

  1. http://ells-riasmuslimah.com
    This is the official website. It's mainly front-end coding. I use AngularJS as the framework. There is not much back-end work (it uses ASP.NET), other than to authorize visitors who want to see the price list

  2. An admin website to track and manage orders. She usually did this manually. But it gets more complicated as number of orders increased recently. So I decided to build this admin site for her.
    This site is built using ASP.NET Web API OData and AngularJS. The front-end code is open-sourced here. I've also created a demo site that is publicly available here

Abdurrachman Habibi

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