Hello World from a Ghost floating in Azure Cloud

As usual, everything should start with a Hello World :D

Actually, this is not my very first blog. I've created a few blogs before, but the content is messy, and I was a very bad writer (and still am)

But lately on my Facebook profile, I've been posting things related to Coding, Tech and other Geek stuffs. And it makes me wondering what if I post them in a website instead of Facebook. I can put more text, I can re-read it anytime I want easily, and it should be more structured (Thanks to Taggings).

So I decided to create this personal website, which will focus more on Programming related stuff.

But why Ghost? I'm a .NET developer, so why not use any .NET CMS / Blog Engine?
Well, actualy last few days I've been experiencing on quite a lot of them: Blog Engine .NET, Better CMS, Umbraco, Orchard, Wordpress, Blogspot, etc.
But I've made my decision to go with Ghost.
First of all, it's easy to use and deploy.
Secondly, I have Azure Credits, so NodeJS hosting should not be a problem for me. I could also use Heroku if I want, but I just want to use up my unused Credits :P
Last and Obviously, because it's NodeJS. Who's not interested with NodeJS nowadays ??? It's javascript, javascript and javascript. And javascript is, subjectively, the most awesome language until now.

So I hope by having this website, I can contribute more to society, and it will improve my writing skill

Oh btw, anyone interested in my open source projects, feel free to visit my GitHub repos

Abdurrachman Habibi

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